58 Music Trivia Questions


Are you a music lover? Then you’ve come to the right place. We all love good music, whether we’re talking about the 80s, 90s, 00s, pop culture or classic music. In this article, you’ll find a lot of music trivia questions with answers on different topics and genres.

Music Trivia Questions and Answers

1.For which song did Madonna release her first video in 1982?

D. Everybody – the video was shot at the Paradise Garage, a New York club.

2. Who insisted throughout the 80s that “Girls just wanna have fun?”

Cyndi Lauper – the single was released on September 6th, 1983.

3. Which US artist is known as the King of Pop?

Michael Jackson – commonly known as the true King of Pop music. And rightly so.

4. At what age did Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain all die at?

27 – Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison died between 1969 and 1971, all at the age of 27. At the time, the coincidence gave rise to some comment, but it was not until the 1994 death of Kurt Cobain at age 27, that the idea of a “27 Club” gained its popularity.

5. Michael Jackson starred in what 1991 SEGA game?


6. Who released a song called ‘Lips of an Angel’?


7. Who released the song ‘Hero’?

Enrique Iglesias

8. Which band performed ‘Thank God I Found You’ with Mariah Carey?

8 Degrees

9. Who starred in Limp Bizkit music video for ‘Behind Blue Eyes’?

Halle Berry

10. Which US State does Stone Sour come from?


11. In which of Britney’s video does she appear as a stewardess?


12. What music genre does Gnarles Barkley perform?


13. Which couple released the song ‘Crazy In Love’?

Beyonce and Jay Z

14. What is the name of Nirvana’s last recorded song released in 2002?

You Know You’re Right

15. What is the name of the controversial lead singer, with the band, Pulp?

Jarvis Cocker

16. The Rolling Stones got their first number one hit with which song, in 1964?

It’s All Over Now

17. Guns ‘n’ Roses covered which movie theme in 1991?

Live and Let Die

18. Which singer player Danny Fisher in the film ‘King Creole’?

Elvis Presley

19. ‘Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player’ was an album released in 1973 by which artist?

Elton John

20. Which song title links Kylie Minogue and Little Eva?

The Locomotion

21. Which 80’s singer changed his name from Stuart Goddard?

Adam Ant

22. Who reached number 2 in 1990 with ‘Blue Velvet’?

Bobby Vinton

23. ‘Rattle and Hum’ was an album, by which group?


24. Which all girl band recorded ‘Viva Forever’?

The Spice Girls

25. Which song by Whitney Houston did she record for the 1988 Los Angeles Olympics?

One Moment in Time

26. Who recorded, in 1988, ‘Don’t worry, be happy’?

Bobby McFerrin

27. Who reached number one in 1972 with ‘School’s Out’?

Alice Cooper

28. What is the name of Kylie Minogue’s younger sister, who has also had a chart success?

Danni Minogue

29. In which year did Michael Jackson die?


30. Who had a number one in 1977 with “When I Need You”?

Leo Slayer

31. What was the Everly Brothers first hit?

Wake Up Little Suzie

32. Who covered Elvis Presley’s ‘Suspicious Minds’ in 1986?

Fine Young Cannibals

33. Which singer sang ‘Let’s Twist Again’ in 1961?

Chubby Checker

34. Which band who had hits spanning 5 decades, used to be known as The Rattlesnakes?

The Bee Gees

35. ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship, featured in which film?


36. Which singer married Whitney Houston in 1992?

Bobby Brown

37. Which US trio took ‘Frankie’ to no. 1 in 1985?

Sister Sledge

38. ‘Bicycle Race’ was a 1978 hit for which group?


39. Complete the title of the Frank Sinatra song: ‘I’ve Got You Under My …’ what?


40. When was the ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ song written?

This popular song was written in 1962, during the Cuban missile attack and was a plea for peace.

41. What’s the most famous Christmas song of all time?

White Christmas is a 1942 song by Irving Berlin. However, the version sung by Bing Crosby is the world’s best-selling single with estimated sales in excess of 100 million copies worldwide.

42. Rap music originated in what country?


43. Which country artist has the most consecutive years charting a number one single?

George Strait. 19 years in a row.

44. Which band released their final album, Let It Be, in 1970?

The Beatles

45. Which female singer discovered a ‘Genie in a Bottle’ in 1999?

Christina Aguilera

46. ‘The Man in Black’ was the nickname of which country singer?

Johnny Cash

47. Which regal-sounding band topped the charts in 2008 with ‘Sex on Fire’?

Kings of Leon

48. Which member of the Spice Girls was famous famous for her Union Jack dress?

Geri Halliwell

49. What colour was The Beatles’ submarine?


50. ‘Midnight Matters’ was a best-selling album in 2013 for which boy band?

One Direction

51. Elton John was formerly the chairman of which English football club?


52. ‘No Matter What’ was the only million-selling single by which Irish boy band?


53. Noddy Holder was the lead singer with which glam rock band?


54. ‘Summer Nights’ and ‘You’re the One That I Want’ were chart-toppers from the soundtrack to which film?


55. Which female singer endured a ‘Bad Romance’ in 2009?

Lady Gaga

56. Which sould legend ‘Just Called to Say I Love You’ in 1984?

Stevie Wonder

57. Complete the title of a 1979 number one by Blondie – ‘Heart of…’


58. Who topped the charts in 2014 with ‘Happy’?

Pharrell Williams


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