Movie Trivia Questions


1. What is the longest movie ever made?

Logistics – at 51,420 minutes, (857 hours or 35 days and 17 hours), it is the longest movie ever made.

2. Who is the youngest best actor Oscar winner?

Adrien Brody – aged 29, Adrien won an Oscar for playing the role of Władysław Szpilman in The Pianist (2002), making him the youngest actor to win in that category.

3. Who said during their one and only Oscar acceptance speech “I think they gave it to me because I’m the oldest”?

Jessica Tandy – she was 80 at the time.

4. What woman has won the most Oscars?

Edith Head –  eight for costume design.

5. Bruce Willis played a time traveler in what 1995 movie?

12 Monkeys

6. In which popular Christmas film does Will Ferrell play an elf?

In the 2003 film ‘Elf’, Will Ferrell plays a guy that was raised as an elf, named Buddy.

7. Carlos Estevez is better known as whom?

Charlie Sheen

8. The 1959 ‘Some Like it Hot’ starred which bombshell actress?

Marilyn Monroe

9. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ lost the best picture Oscar to what movie?

Gone with the Wind

10. What are the only two best picture Oscar winning films that were based on best musical Tony Award winners?

My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music

11. What 1979 film has a spaceship named Nostromo?


12. What movie sold the most tickets of all time in the U.S.?

Gone with the Wind – about 208 million tickets have been sold; the U.S. population in 1939 when it was released was 131 million.

13. What movie starred Lee Marvin as twins Kid Shelleen and Tim Strawn?

Cat Ballou

14. In ‘Back to the Future’, how fast does DeLorean have to go to time travel?

88 mph

15. What was the first comedy to win the best picture Oscar?

It happened One Night – 1934

Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

16. Who was the first actor do direct himself to a best actor Oscar?

Laurence Olivier – Hamlet in 1948

17. Robin Williams won a best supporting actor Oscar for what film?

Good Will Hunting

18. What famous actor made his film debut in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’?

Johnny Depp

19. In what Hitchcock film does Doris Day sing the Oscar winning song “Que Sera, Sera”?

The Man Who Knew Too Much

20. What 1969 western won best story and best song Oscars?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

21. “Somewhere My love” is the theme song of what movie?

Doctor Zhivago

22. What character is the heroine of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’?

Clarice Starling

23. What actor is in both ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and ‘The Dirty Dozen’?

Charles Bronson

24. Who was the first actor to receive a posthumous Oscar nomination?

James Dean – East of Eden in 1956

25. What movie has the line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”?


26. What 1954 film won eight Oscars?

On the Waterfront

27. What are James Dean’s three films?

Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden, Giant

28. Who were the first father and son to win Oscars for the same film?

Walter and John Huston – The Treasure of Sierra Madre

29. What is the name of Bill Murray’s character in ‘Ghostbusters’?

Peter Venkman

30. What was the first Andrew Lloyd Webber musical to be filmed?

Jesus Christ Superstar

General Movie Trivia

31. What film is set in and around 17 Cherry Tree Lane, London in 1910?

Marry Poppins

32. What romantic comedy has the line “I’ll have what she’s having”?

When Harry Met Sally

33. What was the first Disney animated film based on the life of a real person?


34. Who played Norman Bates in ‘Psycho’?

Anthony Perkins

35. What is the name of Gene Hackman’s character in ‘The French Connection’?

Popeye Doyle

36. Marnie Nixon did what for Deborah Kerr, Natalie Wood, and Audrey Hepburn?

Dubbed their singing voices

37. The character Marion Crane died famously in what film?

Psycho – shower scene

38. What 1948 classic film was advertised as “Greed, gold and gunplay on a Mexican mountain of malice”?

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

39. What is the name of Kevin Costner’s character in ‘Field of Dreams’?

Ray Kinsella

40. Who played the part of Cruella de Vil in 1996’s ‘101 Dalmatians’?

Glenn Close

41. What was the sequel to ‘Going My Way’?

The Bells of St. Mary’s

42. Who played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’?

Tim Curry

43. What was Spencer Tracy’s last film?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

44. Elvis Presley memorized every line from his all-time favourite movie; what was the film?


45. What cartoon duo has won seven Oscars for best animated short film?

Tom and Jerry

Movie Trivia Quiz

46. Who played Lois Lane in 1978’s ‘Superman’?

Margot Kidder

47. What film has the line “I coulda been a contender”?

On the Waterfront

48. Who played Miss Hanningan in 1982’s ‘Annie’?

Carol Burnett

49. What is the name of the serial killer in ‘Halloween’?

Michael Myers

50. Who is the youngest actor ever nominated for an Oscar?

Justin Henry – eight years old for Kramer vs. Kramer

51. Who played Anna in 1956’s ‘The King and I’?

Deborah Kerr

52. Who directed ‘Blade Runner’?

Ridley Scott

53. ‘Bambi’ was the first Disney film without what?

Human characters

54. What is the only movie character that has won Oscars for two different actors?

Vito Corleone – Marlon Brando and Robert de Niro in The Godfather and The Godfather Part II

55. For what movie did Rod Steiger win a best actor Oscar?

In the Heat of the Night

56. What was the top grossing U.S. film of the 1960s?

The Sound of Music

57. What character did Mel Gibson play in ‘Braveheart’?

William Wallace

58. Gene Hackman received an Oscar for his portrayal of the sheriff of Big Whiskey in what movie?


59. What book does Forrest Gump keeps in his suitcase?

Curious George

60. What is the name of Kurt Russell’s character in ‘Escape from New York’?

Snake Plissken

Random Movie Questions

61. In what movie die Hugh Grant play the role of the British Prime Minister?

Love Actually

62. What character sang “When You Wish Upon a Star” in Disney’s Pinnochio?

Jiminy Cricket

63. In ‘Home Alone’, what is the first name of Macaulay Culkin’s character?


64. The Olympics depicted in ‘Chariots of Fire’ took place in what year?


65. What is the only movie Alfred Hitchcock made twice?

The Man Who Knew Too Much – 1934 and 1956

66. Who is Melanie Griffith’s mother?

Trippi Hedren – star of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

67. What character did Michael J. Fox play in ‘Back to the Future’?

Marty McFly

68. Set in a Los Angeles office building, the 1979 novel ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is the basis for what film?

Die Hard

69. Who was the first choice to play Indiana Jones but missed out due to other commitments?

Tom Selleck

70. Who is Ben Hur’s rival in the great chariot race?


71. What Marlon Brando film was widely banned?

Last Tango in Paris

72. What was the last of the five Dirty Harry movies?

The Dead Pool

73. What year was Clint Eastwood’s first spaghetti western made?


74. What movie cast included James Garner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasance, and James Coburn?

The Great Escape

75. What musical won the best picture Oscar in 1968?


Film Questions and Answers

76. What is the name of Audrey Hepburn’s character in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’?

Holly Golightly

77. Who was voted most popular film performer in the U.S. in 1926?

Rin Tin Tin

78. Who was Vincent Price’s last film?

Edward Scissorhands – 1990

79. How old was Orson Welles when he co-wrote, produced, directed and starred in ‘Citizen Kane’?


80. Who played the two crooks in ‘Home Alone’?

Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci

81. Who did Sergio Leone originally want to play the lead in ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ but couldn’t afford his salary?

Henry Fonda – many actors turned down the role before Clint Eastwood accepted and was paid $15,000 for the role.

82. In ‘Star Wars’, what is the name of Princess Leia’s home planet?


83. Who won a best actor Oscar for ‘Marty’?

Ernest Borgnine

84. Prior to ‘Schindler’s List’ in 1993, what was the last black and white movie to win the best picture Oscar?

The Apartment – 1960

85. What is the name of Michael Douglas’ character in ‘Wall Street’?

Gordon Gekko

86. For what in 1974 film did Art Carney win a best actor Oscar?

Harry and Tonto

87. Who was the first film star to earn 1 million dollars for a single film?

Elizabeth Taylor – Cleopatra in 1963

88. What was Marilyn Monroe’s last film?

The Misfits

89. What is the name of the character played by John Wayne in ‘The Quiet Man’?

Sean Thornton

90. What is the name of the police character played by Roy Schreider in ‘Jaws’?

Martin Brody

Movie Quiz Questions

91. For what film did Frank Sinatra win his only acting Oscar?

From Here to Eternity

92. In the James Bond movies, who is the only actress to play Bond’s wife?

Diana Rigg – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

93. What actor died during the filming of ‘Gladiator’?

Oliver Reed

94. What 1956 film caused riots in theatres?

Rock Around the Clock

95. What is the best-selling movie soundtrack of all time?

The Bodyguard

96. What Oscar winning actress was the Connecticut state golf champion at age 16?

Katharine Hepburn

97. What international movie star was born in a bombed out French village during WWI?

Rin Tin Tin

98. Who directed ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?

Frank Capra

99. What was the first full length color cartoon talking picture?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

100. The song “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” was introduced in what movie?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


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