Geography Trivia Questions


1. Which planet has the largest mountain in existence that we know of?

Mars – with a height of about 13.6 miles, Olympus Mons is about two and a half times Mount Everest’s height above sea level, making him the tallest planetary mountain.

2. The Eiffel Tower was originally intended for what city?

Barcelona – Spain rejected the project.

3. What mountain is nicknamed ‘Savage Mountain’?

K2 – gained its nickname due to the extreme difficulty of climbing. According to the statistics, for every four people that reach the top of the mountain, one has to die.

4. Santiago is the capital of which country?

Chile – with a population of over 5 million people, Santiago is the capital and largest city in Chile.

5. What is the only US state that is made up entirely of islands?

Hawaii, which is typically recognized by its eight main islands: Hawaiʻi, Maui, Kahoʻolawe, Lānaʻi, Molokaʻi, Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, and Niʻihau.

6. Mount Everest is in which country?

Nepal. Mount Everest is the Earth’s highest mountain above sea level, with a height of 8,848 m.

7. What country consumes the most electricity in the world?

China – followed by the U.S. and Russia.

8. There is an island called ‘Christmas Island’. True or false?

True. With a population of approximately 2 000 people, Christmas Island – or officially known as The Territory of Christmas Island, it’s an external territory of Australia located in the Indian Ocean.

9. Which is the only US state that is one syllable?

Maine. Augusta is the capital with less than 200,000 residents.

10. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of which Asian country?


11. Which US state has the longest cave system in the world?

Kentucky. Mammoth Cave National Park has at least 400 miles worth.

12. What desert covers most of southern Mongolia?


13. What is the world’s largest freshwater lake, by volume?

Lake Baikal in Russia – with a maximum depth of 5,387 ft, it is the world’s deepest lake. It is among one of the clearest lakes in the world and also the oldest – 25 – 30 million years.

14. What sacred volcano last erupted in 1707?

Mount Fuji

15. What is the world’s warmest sea?

Red Sea

Geography Trivia

16. What is the world’s oldest surviving sovereign state?

San Marino – 301 AD

17. What country has three capital cities?

South Africa – Cape Town is the legislative capital, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital, and Pretoria is the administrative capital.

18. What is the only Central American country that has English as its official language?


19. What is the name of the deepest known ocean location?

Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean – 36,070 feet deep.

20. By area, what is the largest country entirely in Europe?

Ukraine – 223,000 square miles

21. How many countries border the Black Sea?

Six – Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria

22. By area, what is the largest country with English as an official language?


23. There are only two predominantly Christian countries in Asia; the smaller is East Timor; what is the other?

Philippines – fourth largest Christian population in the world and third largest Roman Catholic.

24. What is the most populous city in India?


25. The source of Amazon river is in what country?


26. What is the coldest national capital city in the world?

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – winter temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit are not unusual.

27. Timbuktu is in what country?

Mali – west Africa

28. What European country has the highest population density?

Monaco – over 47,000 per square mile.

29. Which country has the largest number of islands?

Sweden – around 221,800 islands.

30. By area, what is the smallest Central American country?

El Salvador – the smallest and most densely populated Central American country.

Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

31. By area, what is the world’s largest fresh water island?

Manitoulin – over 1,000 square miles in Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada

32. What is the second longest river in Africa?

Congo – 2,922 miles

33. What country has the most forest land?

Russia – over 8 million km2   second being Canada at just under 5 million, followed closely by Brazil while the US comes fourth.

34. What country has the most countries bordering it?

China – 14 countries.

35. What is Europe’s second longest river?

Danube – 1,777 miles. Volga is Europe’s longest river – 2,193 miles.

36. What is the second most populous city in Asia?

Delhi, India – approx. 27 million. Tokyo comes first with a population of approximately 38 million people.

37. In which country is the Great Victoria Desert?


38. By area, what is the smallest Canadian province?

Prince Edward Island

39. What sea is located between Australia and New Zealand?


40. By area, what is the largest country in Africa?

Algeria – with an area of 2,381,741 square kilometres, it is the tenth-largest country in the world and the largest in Africa.

41. What country would you have to visit to see the ruins of Troy?


42. By area, what is the largest body of fresh water in the world?

Lake Superior – 31,700 square miles

43. What percent of the Earth’s fresh water is in the Antarctic ice sheet?

90 % – it is equivalent to about 230 feet of water in the world’s oceans.

44. What is the shallowest ocean?

Arctic – with an average depth of 3,407 feet.

45. By area, what is the second largest country in the world?

Canada’s second while Russia comes first.

Geography Quiz Questions

46. What is the most populous city south of the equator?

Sao Paulo, Brazil

47. What is the capital of Qatar?


48. By area, what is the smallest North American country?

St. Kitts and Nevis – 101 square miles in the Caribbean.

49. By area, what is the second largest island in Asia?

Sumatra, Indonesia – 164,000 square miles

50. By area, what is the largest landlocked country?

Kazakhstan – ninth largest country

51. By area, what is the fourth largest continent?

South America is the fourth, after Africa, Asia, and Europe.

52. What is the driest continent?

Antarctica – the driest, coldest, windiest, and highest continent.

53. What is the world’s widest river?

Amazon – from 7-25 miles wide depending on season.

54. In what location are most of the world’s geysers found?

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

55. What island has the highest maximum elevation?

New Guinea – 16,024 feet

56. What is the highest mountain in Canada?

Mt. Logan – 19,551 feet in the Yukon territory

57. What is the longest river in Asia?

Yangtze – 3,915 miles

58. What is the world’s largest gulf?

Gulf of Mexico – 600,000 square miles

59. How many oceans are there and what are their names?

Five – Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern

60. What is the world’s most southerly national capital?

Wellington, New Zealand – 41 degrees south latitude

World Geography Trivia

61. What is the second longest river in North America?

Mississippi – 2,320 miles

62. What country has the longest coastline?


63. What is the world’s highest elevation national capital city?

La Paz, Bolivia – 11,942 feet

64. What country has the third largest English speaking population?


65. By area, what is the largest Mediterranean island?

Sicily – 9,927 square miles

66. What country has the fourth largest population?


67. What country took its name from a line of latitude?


68. What country’s phone book is aphabetized by first name?

Iceland – everyone is referenced by their first name; they don’t have surnames in the traditional sense; the surname is their father’s first name suffixed with either son or daughter.

69. What is the highest elevation capital city in Europe?

Madrid – 2,188 feet

70. What is the world’s most northerly national capital city?

Reykjavik, Iceland – 64 degrees north latitude

71. What is the least densely populated country in the world?

Mongolia – areas like Greenland have even lower density, but they aren’t independent countries.

72. What country does China have its longest land border with?


73. By area, what is the smallest continent?


74. The Canary Islands are part of what country?


75. What river is known as China’s Sorrow?

Yellow – due to its devastating floods.

Geography Questions

76. What is the longest canal in the world?

Grand Canal of China – 1,104 miles

77. What European country has no single head of state?


78. By area, what is the largest island in Asia?

Borneo – 287,000 square miles

79. What Central American country extends furthest north?


80. What country has the highest average elevation?

Bhutan – 10,760 feet average elevation

81. What two Canadian provinces are land-locked?

Alberta and Saskatchewan

82. What two countries have square flags?

Switzerland and Vatican City

83. What is the only river that crosses the equator in both a northerly and southerly direction?


84. What European country has the longest coastline?


85. At over 9,000 miles in length, what country’s Highway 1 forms a complete loop along its borders?


86. What is the second largest island in Europe?


87. What is the lowest average elevation continent?

Australia – 984 feet average elevation

88. What country has the world’s longest road tunnel?

Norway – 15.2 miles

89. By area, what is the world’s fifth largest country?


90. What is the highest active volcano in the world?

Ojos Del Salado – 22,595 feet on the Chile and Argentina border.

Geography Questions and Answers

91. By area, what is the largest lake in South America?

Maracaibo – 5,100 square miles

92. What country has the most volcanoes (active and extinct)?

United States – 173

93. What is the smallest ocean?


94. What country are the Galapagos Islands part of?


95. What kind of animal are the Canary Islands named after?

Dogs – the name comes from the Latin “canaria” for dog; when the first Europeans arrived, they found large dogs on Gran Canaria.

96. What country has the longest land border?

China – 13,743 miles and 14 countries

97. What is the capital of Mongolia?


98. What South American country has Pacific and Atlantic coastlines?


99. What is the most northern African country?


100. Mount Washington is the highest peak in which US state?

New Hampshire



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